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Care With A Conscience

The Fundamental Long Term Care companies are dedicated to providing each patient with the finest quality healthcare services in the most compassionate manner possible. It's that simple.

This package was created to help familiarize potential patients, residents, and their families with the services and benefits available from Fundamental. We understand that choosing the right healthcare facility can be a new and sometimes confusing experience. We hope this information will assist you in finding the facility that's right for you, and help you prepare for the transition ahead.

At Fundamental, patients, residents and their family members are considered our guests. Fundamental healthcare centers provide 24-hour nursing care services to meet the medical and rehabilitative needs of patients, while offering family members the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved one is being treated with the medical expertise, caring, and respect that he or she deserves.


Our centers pride themselves on the accessibility of services. Fundamental accepts admissions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A patient, family member, or healthcare professional can start the admission process with a phone call; patients can be admitted within hours of calling.

Physician Involvement

A variety of physician specialists monitor the condition and progress of patients by conducting rounds based upon the needs of their patients. Additionally, physicians are available 24 hours a day. If a patient's personal physician is not on staff at the facility, we can arrange transportation to the physician's office or for a physician to cover while your loved one is a patient. The Facility Medical Director is also available to oversee care during the stay. In addition to the Medical Director, other physician specialists such as pulmonologists, orthopedists, neurologists, cardiologists, and urologists attend to patients as needed.

Qualified Staff

Each location receives medical direction from a qualified physician. Care and treatments are provided by a highly skilled staff including registered and licensed practical/vocational nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, nursing assistants, respiratory therapists, medical social workers, a registered dietician, and other clinical specialists.

Thorough Treatment Planning

To provide the most appropriate and effective services, Fundamental develops individualized plans of care that are tailored to each patient's personal needs. The plan of care outlines the specific treatments and services the patient will receive and is created based on thorough assessments completed prior to and upon arrival. In addition, high skilled staff monitor each patient's condition and progress throughout the stay with adjustments made to the plan of care as needed.

Quality of Life

While medical, nursing and rehab attention is certainly a focus, Fundamental centers also offer many homelike amenities and social events, which we've found contribute positively to our patients' emotional well-being. Recreational and therapeutic activities are offered seven days a w eek to all patients through the Activity Department. Beauty and barber services are available on the premises. Family members are encouraged to visit as frequently as they like, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Patients and their families may use our meeting rooms for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc…

Preparing for Admission

Fundamental understands that preparing yourself or a loved one for admission to a long-term care facility can be overwhelming. To simplify the admission process, we've gathered the following information to help you understand the kinds of personal items and documents that will be needed during admission. Being prepared with the right information at the right time will help you and your loved ones feel more at ease and able to concentrate on the healing process that is about to being.

Whether you are considering Fundamental or another long-term care provider, this information will help you prepare for admission to a long-term care facility.

What to Bring

Personal Information

In order to provide our patients with the best possible treatment and care, the following information should be provided to the facility prior to or at the time of admission:

  • Patient's current address and phone number
  • Current addresses and phone numbers for any family members who may be of assistance to us during the stay
  • Copies of any health care directives in place, such as:
    • Durable Power of Attorney for healthcare decisions and/or finances
    • Healthcare proxy Designation
    • Living Will

Personal Items

The following items are suggested to help you or your loved feel at home while staying at the facility.

  • Toiletries such as comb/brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, baby powder, and make-up. We are happy to provide any toiletry items a patient needs during his/her stay.
  • Clothing such as shirts/blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, shorts, sweaters, socks/nylons, belts, pajamas/nightgowns, undergarments, non-skid slippers, and comfortable walking shoes. It is also helpful to identify all personal items brought to the facility to reduce the possibility of losing items, and also to help staff return found items. We suggest that all clothing items by identified by a sewn-in label with the patient's name printed in indelible marker.

Financial Information

Fundamental wants patients to receive all the healthcare benefits to which they are entitled. Therefore, we work closely with patients and family members to explore all possible reimbursement options. Payment is accepted from a variety of private and public sources. To set up the appropriate billing procedures for patients, and to provide assistance in the application for continued long-term care benefits, such as Medicaid or Medicare, the following information should be provided to the facility prior to or at the time of admission:

  • Copy of the patient's Social Security card
  • Copy of the patient's Medicare or insurance card
  • Fiduciary Party/Financial Power of Attorney, if any
  • Listing of any health insurance policies, including their coverage limits
  • Copies of any pending Medicaid Title XIX applications
  • Listing of income sources and/or assets (investments, banks, real estate, etc).

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